"The longest journey begins with a single step" 

Brenda Ford - Online Psychology 

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Hello! I'm Brenda

I am a Registered Psychologist, have adult children, and now, grandchildren. Over the years I have learned to use the art and science of Psychology to support clients and to help them achieve what they choose as the best possible outcome for them.


I have an honors degree in Psychology, and a Master's in Public Health, and more than twenty five years experience in counseling in a variety of settings. I am trained in telephone counseling, and am qualified to offer online counseling via skype and video chat.

Like most experienced and highly qualified psychologists, I use evidence based and outcome focused approaches. The type of counseling used is chosen to suit the individual client, and chosen to ensure that the client is supported and assisted to achieve whatever goals they choose to aim for.

Advantages of Online Counselling


All you need is a quiet hour with a closed door. You will also need access to a computer or smart phone with video capabilities. 


As I am a registered psychologist, fees can be partly refundable if you have private medical insurance, or if you have a Medicare referral. 


Travelling time a real bar to seeking Psychological support?  Perhaps the internet option - or Telephone Counselling is for you.


Young children perhaps?  Hard to find time for yourself, and someone to care for your children while you look after yourself?  Internet or telephone Counselling can be arranged to fit in with your day.

More Choices 

In a rural area where psychological services are limited? Or when one Counsellor does not necessarily fit all.  Online services offer great choices.

Time Management

Many demands on your time?  Engage in Counselling in the convenience of your office or home.


"I have been seeing Brenda on and off for several years now.  She has been a great help in overcoming the effects of some pretty serious stuff that happened when I was growing up.  I have seen her in her office, and sometimes we have worked over the internet.  It's all good, and I am feeling better than I ever thought I would.  I would give her five stars."

- Emma -

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