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People need different sorts of support at different stages in their lives.  Some things remain constant though – if counselling is to be successful, people of whatever age or background need to feel safe and accepted.  People also need to feel that they are in the driver’s seat. The sessions are opportunities for them to sort out whatever issues are concerning them at the time.  The client has to choose what issues are important and take advantage of whatever it is the Counsellor can offer. This is a process that works much better where there is a basis of trust and the right sort of comfortable communication.  E Counselling is an effective way of building up both of these.


Life is a work in progress, Adults and have experienced, a lot more than adolescents and have been around longer. Adults have developed habits, tried things out, and some have learned a lot. Adolescents – people just becoming adults – have all the feelings and capacities of an adult, but not the experience. Children too, but children are still growing, and their brains are developing along with their bodies.

Adolescents & Children

Adolescents and children are particularly challenged if things go wrong. They require a high level of safety if they are to talk about whatever is bothering them. That means being very clear whatever they decide to talk about will not be disclosed to anyone else without their permission, and that no-one will judge them in any way. The sole exception to these guidelines is the child, or the person’s safety. If there is serious danger to the client (or anyone else), all bets are off until everyone is safe. We argue about the rules after we have made sure no-one will get hurt. It’s called Duty of Care.

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