What is Anxiety?

Basically – just what you think it is.  Fear. Always, it is fear of something which might happen. It produces the usual symptoms – poor or disturbed eating and sleeping, something called rumination, which is going over and over some possible threat.


Anxious people frequently find themselves obsessing about something they cannot or are not yet able to change.  They may experience unpleasant physical symptoms such as a racing heart, feelings of breathlessness, and even feeling sick to the stomach or having diarrhoea.  

When should I consider counselling for anxiety?

If you are consistently anxious – get some help.  Sooner rather than later. Anxiety is a real drag, and it can spoil years of your life if it gets out of hand.  It’s not all that hard to manage, and life is a lot more fun, and a lot more interesting, without a great load of anxiety dragging you down.

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