What is Depression?

Depression is pretty much defined by what it does to you. If you are constantly tired, no longer enjoy the things that used to be fun, have changes in your sleeping and eating patterns, no real energy and just generally feel sad – that’s depression.  If it stays around too long, say, more than a month or two, then it might be worth doing something about it.

If the feelings get in the way of your life, definitely seek advice, counselling, or support.  

What to do about depression?

In theory, do the easy things first. That means you exercise regularly, spend time with people you like, and eat the sort of food your friendly neighbourhood nutritionist suggests. In real life, if you are really depressed, it will feel almost impossible to get yourself motivated to keep this sort of routine happening. If it’s all too hard, definitely find some help and support that works for you. Earlier rather than later is good.

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