I began my professional life working in, among other places, small mining towns and small communities. As practical experience goes, that was an accelerated course. I saw people of all ages, and supported them through most of the situations that arise in the course of human life.

At different times, I have worked with business organisations, young people, old - in some cases very old - people, and many in between.  Quite often I have had clients referred to me to assist with managing physical problems. Stress, for example, can make diabetes worse. 

About Internet Counselling

Internet counselling has a lot to offer. Convenience, and flexibility are important for many people. In most cases it is covered by Private Medical Insurance. Where there are very young children, it is often possible to find an hour or so when children are otherwise occupied, and the parent can chat on the net. Finding suitable childcare for the necessary time can be challenging for some. Then there is the possibility of finding a supportive, comfortable relationship available more or less when it is needed. It all works well with the technology available in today’s world.

Work Experience
Qualifications & Education

First and foremost, I am registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency and have a Provider Number.  People who have Private Medical Insurance, or who are referred by their Physician are eligible for refunds.

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