How to define Individuals & Couples

Oddly enough, couples are comprised of two individuals. Every individual is different – of course they are. That’s why we call them individuals. Two people who are sharing much of their lives are going to face challenges. 

Finding ways of sharing – the usual challenges of earning a living, sorting out the domestics, children, leisure time – that work well for all concerned often takes time and thought. Sometimes talking over the challenges with a Counsellor can help. A third party can quite often help put things into perspective. Issues that seem huge can often be resolved with good communication.

How can I assist?

Where the issues are more troubling, it’s quite often helpful to see the couple together at first. It gives everyone a chance to decide what the issues are, and what the goals of the counselling sessions need to be. After that I prefer to see each person separately for a few sessions. That gives each person an opportunity to sort through their own issues.  Then it’s time to work as a couple again – to find what works for the couple.

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