Why talk to a Counselling Psychologist?

First off – a psychologist is trained for a minimum of four years. In many cases, a psychologist has undergone six years of tertiary education before being let loose on clients. Anyone, trained or untrained, can set up business as a counsellor. A highly trained person s probably a less risky choice.

The obvious reason to seek out a psychologist is because you want to achieve a goal. The goal is whatever is impo

rtant to you at the time. It might be that you have decided to work through some issue – depression, sexuality, anxiety, a relationship that is not working right. Sometimes different approaches work better than the ones you have already tried. A great many very highly skilled people have spent their lives coming up with ways of solving real life problems. It makes sense to take advantage of their hard work. A psychologist can help you do this.

Then, there is the opportunity to talk through your concerns in a safe space. No-one will judge you, no-one will spread gossip, no-one will feel burdened by whatever you need to talk about. This in itself can be a huge relief. More importantly, just being able to talk about things knowing you are safe and that someone is listening, that you are being heard, can be one of the most helpful experiences.

Why internet counselling?

Internet counselling has a lot to offer. Convenience, and flexibility are important for many people. In most cases it is covered by Private Medical Insurance. Where there are very young children, it is often possible to find an hour or so when children are otherwise occupied, and the parent can chat on the net. Finding suitable childcare for the necessary time can be challenging for some. Then there is the possibility of finding a supportive, comfortable relationship available more or less when it is needed. It all works well with the technology available in today’s world.

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