What can a counsellor do to help?

That depends on the relationship, and what is happening. The big ones involve a lack of trust. Love without trust is more painful than most things. Understanding what has led up to this loss of trust is important. Sometimes trust can be rebuilt, and the relationship grows stronger than before.  Sometimes – sadly - it is beyond damage control. Whatever happens, support and somewhere safe to talk things over can be helpful.

What can we expect?

Where there is underlying love and trust in a relationship, most issues can be resolved.  The resolution process can be quite a journey though. It may involve some changes on both sides.  

Even when it has been damaged, trust can sometimes be rebuilt.  It takes time and commitment, but it can be done. Where this happens, the relationship can emerge stronger and more rewarding than before.  

Other disturbing influences on the way relationships work are often about communication and priorities within the partnership.  These can very often be resolved by talking them through in a safe and non-judgmental way. On the whole, outcomes tend to be very good.

Relationship Issues

Most people having relationship difficulties know when their relationship is in trouble. Knowing when the relationship is in serious trouble is sometime difficult. However, if one or other of the partners is spending a lot of time wondering whether they are in the right relationship, or if one or other of the partners – or both – of the partners stops enjoying the company of the other, it is definitely time to seek support and assistance.

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