About the sessions

Sessions usually run for around an hour.  More than an hour can be tiring – it takes a lot of energy to sort through your own issues.  We can cover a good amount of ground in sixty minutes.  Sessions are scheduled at intervals of one or two weeks.  This allows time to think over whatever has come up during sessions.  Often this time is very valuable, and changes happen between sessions.

How many sessions?

Depends.  Sometimes one session is enough.  Sometimes five or six.  Occasionally more.  The number of sessions varies with the issues involved, and how much you can do between sessions.  Usually we can discuss this at the end of the first session, when we can form an idea of what is involved.


As I have full registration, and a provider number, much of the costs of counselling can be recovered either through private medical insurance (ask your insurer) or through Medicare (you need a referral from a GP along with a Mental Health Care Plan).  An individual session costs the same as a session involving a couple - as in relationship counselling. 


Each session costs $150 per hour. However, as stated above this cost can be refunded by a private medical insurance or through Medicare

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