Stress & Trauma 

Trauma – well, we all know about that. It can be any terrifying event – a traffic accident, a near miss, or a falling tree. It can also be some on-going event. Losing someone you love or coming to terms with illness or injury. It can all be traumatic.

Trauma is stressful. Body and mind react to stress, whether traumatic or not. The effects can be far reaching. Sometimes we can manage the stress, but sometimes it’s all a bit much. We can get caught up in the situation, and somehow become unable to move on.

How can counselling help?

Stress can be managed. You just have to know how. A good psychologist can show you techniques and help you with strategies that work. They are evidence based and tested by time as well as carefully researched studies. They really work.  

What can I expect from Counselling for stress & Trauma?

Usually, a very good outcome. Better sleep, better focus, more energy, and, in many cases, better health. Of course, it’s up to you how good the results are. Nothing works if you don’t follow through. But learning to manage stress is one of the best investments anybody can make in their own lives.  

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